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eraseTwo-Plane Page Program / Erase


The Erase operation is done on a block basis. Block address loading is accomplished in three cycles initiated by an Erase Setupcommand(60h). Only address A19to A30 is valid while A12to A18is ignored. The Erase Confirm command(D0h) following the blockaddress loading initiates the internal erasing process. This two-step sequence of setup followed by execution command ensures thatmemory contents are not accidentally erased due to external noise conditions.At the rising edge of WE after the erase confirm command input, the internal write controller handles erase and erase-verify. Whenthe erase operation is completed, the Write Status Bit(I/O 0) may be checked.

Two-Plane Page Program

Two-Plane Page Program is an extension of Page Program, for a single plane with 2112 byte page registers. Since the device isequipped with two memory planes, activating the two sets of 2112 byte page registers enables a simultaneous programming of twopages. After writing the first set of data up to 2112 byte into the selected page register, Dummy Page Program command (11h) instead ofactual Page Program (10h) is inputted to finish data-loading of the first plane. Since no programming process is involved, R/Bremains in Busy state for a short period of time(tDBSY). Read Status command (70h) may be issued to find out when the devicereturns to Ready state by polling the Ready/Busy status bit(I/O 6). Then the next set of data for the other plane is inputted after t he81h command and address sequences. After inputting data for the last plane, actual True Page Program(10h) instead of dummyPage Program command (11h) must be followed to start the programming process. The operation of R/B and Read Status is thesame as that of Page Program. Althougth two planes are programmed simultaneously, pass/fail is not available for each page whenthe program operation completes. Status bit of I/O 0 is set to "1" when any of the pages fails. Restriction in addressing with Two-Plane Page Program is shown in Figure11

Two-Plane Block Erase

Basic concept of Two-Plane Block Erase operation is identical to that of Two-Plane Page Program. Up to two blocks, one from eachplane can be simultaneously erased. Standard Block Erase command sequences (Block Erase Setup command(60h) followed bythree address cycles) may be repeated up to twice for erasing up to two blocks. Only one block should be selected from each plane.The Erase Confirm command(D0h) initiates the actual erasing process. The completion is detected by monitoring R/B pin or Ready/Busy status bit (I/O 6).

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